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Frequently Asked Questions

Describe the New Developments

  • What is the recent development in the host country of investment? And What? When? How? Why? Why now?
  • What is the truth about what happened or what is happening now?
  • What are the risks and their nature?
  • To discuss the motivations of pioneers, competitors, or partners, what are the objectives? And what are the main factors influencing events to be addressed to minimize losses?

What is the effect?

  • What is the effect of the event on the international, regional or local economy in the host country of investments in general and on investments and trademarks in particular?
  • What will happen next? What is the effect on your trademark?

The Results of the New Development

  • What are the evolutionary drives for new developments?
  • What are the positions of other pioneers from competitors or partners?
  • Is there tension as a result of the new development? What is the form and level of tension?
  • What is the expected time frame for the continuation of developments and crises?

What will happen in the future?

  • Assess the likelihood of continuity of the pattern
  • Characterize assessed factors towards events, their strength, and timing
  • Characterize alternative outcomes

Our recommendations to decision makers include:

  • Provide several recommendations for the decision-maker to deal with the risks and pros and cons
  • What are the consequences of decision-makers for each recommendation?
  • Characterize opportunities resulting from new developments
  • We evaluate the expected reaction to the actions or decisions chosen by the decision-makers?
  • Identify risks that threaten individuals or interests of the trademark or a group of trademarks, are it possible to make alliances with others affected to face and manage risks?

Trademarks’ Development Research

After achieving success, there is a crucial phase in which we will help you improve your trademark and maintain its continued growth. In this phase, clients usually have mutual requests, questions, and interests

  • How to scale up the domain through which diverse populations can get acquainted with my trademark?
  • What factors capable of moving my trademark shares?
  • What distinguishes my trademark? What are the strengths that can be promoted; likewise, what are the weaknesses that can be fixed?
  • How can I be assessed compared to others?
  • What are the long-term plans that would guarantee going down the right path?
  • How can I be better benefited from current capabilities?
  • What are the opportunities available?

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