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Tour with us the Global Strategy Markets to provide you with opportunities and risks in the international investments in a timely manner.

Who We Are

Analysis Platform for Consultation is a limited liability company with 136 investment risk assessment experts, advisers, and analysts for social media sites as well as the cooperation agreements with more than 34 research and consulting centers around the world in order to provide high-quality analytical products with  strong emphasis on:

  • Monitoring and  analyzing social media content.
  • Political, economic and social risks and their impact on international investments.
  • Providing innovative solutions to problems with advanced thinking techniques.

Our Mission

To serve our clients with short analytical letters that provide a detailed understanding of  massive data

Future Vision

To be the first option in producing content analysis reports for social media and risk assessment of international investments


Our Values are:
Clear Conscience


We exceed what is plain being characterized by objective reports using advanced analytical techniques to provide timely insight

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