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Risk is Imminent: Focusing on the Client

Investment Host Country Profiles

When analyzing social media sites, some important factors should be taken into consideration, which could have a direct effect on the investment companies’ strategy, such as gender, geographical location, and age. Differences and variety of dialects, traditions, cultures, and the level of understanding for each environment are of the most important challenges facing investors, whereas these factors are considered to be the most prominent current research areas by the specialists.

Analysis Platform company fulfills your need for identifying your audience in the investment host country for over 140 countries, whereby our analysts are spreading geographically. Besides, it is well known that the more you get to know your audience and their needs, the more you can determine growth opportunities and success factors.

    • Audiences can be easily detected on social media sites.
    • We afford you the information you need from authenticated sources tackling demographic properties, behaviors and interests of the targeted clients

Marketing Campaigns Analysis

We help you in your marketing and promotion campaigns or in standing for election through conducting an evaluation for your campaigns and their effects on the audience by monitoring social interaction and how it is correlated with the campaign.

  • Analyzing the platform’s standards pertaining to your campaign themes and the sub-themes.
  • You can measure the actual resonance of your campaign content using key performance indicators and analytical techniques.

Smart Partnership and Sponsorship Decisions

We help you in selecting sponsors, partners and brand ambassadors of significant influence and impact on clients

  • Figure out your audience’s sentiments towards other trademarks in the investment host country in order to take smart partnership or sponsorship decisions to promote a particular trademark.
  • We help you invest in festivals, conventions, and sports events sponsorship funds, which your audience prefers.
  • Select celebrity ambassadors of actual influence and who are convenient for a product or a campaign.

Audience Analysis

We provide you with an overview of your audience in the investment host country during or before the investment

  • Look for the gap between your trademark content and what is actually trending among the target audience in order to deliver campaigns with better performance.
  • Benefiting from the right channels and providing content for the right people, in the right place and time to achieve good and effective performance.
  • Supporting your marketing programs by providing deep demographic audience analyses in order to deliver messages simply and understandably. However, true communication lies in assuring that the audience understands the message, not on your intention behind it.
  • Analyzing any target group based on age, location, interests, competitive convergence, and more.
  • Analyzing the audience comprising fans, followers, and even clients who visit your web page.
  • Benefit from the audience analysis report in order to create attractive, compelling content for your target audiences consistent with their lifestyles, behaviors, cultures, and traditions.
  • Making sure that you are using the convenient channels to deliver messages which are relevant to your target audience.

Trademark Image Analysis

Clients’ satisfaction about your product or services is of the most significant factors for the improvement of your trademark, as we submerge in the depth of the details, and based on certain analytical standards to assess your reputation or a possible partner’s reputation or competitors, alongside monitoring rumors which are made against you and thoughtfully responding to it. During such analysis, our analysts would take the lead in answering the following questions:-

  • Are my clients satisfied with my products or not? And why?
  • What are the products or services exposed to criticism and on which I should focus on improving in order for it to be convenient to the clients?
  • What are the matters which would entail urging clients? What are their ambitions? What do they expect?
  • Is my trademark’s reputation threatened? Do competitors affect it?

Enhancing Your Trademark’s Digital Imprint

Positioning your trademark in the global market (data, search trends, audience visions, videos and soundtracks, images). Our clients seek to enhance their digital strategy and their content, alongside sharing and keeping pace with the market, the client’s demands and aspirations or the investing environment in each country:-

  • Social Media sites are capable of facilitating the exchange of thoughts, visions, cultures, and traditions.
  • In the commercial world to promote and sell.
  • The ever-increasing recognition of the importance of taking advantage of social media sites which offers a competitive edge among trademarks; hence, companies strive for the enhancement of their digital imprint in the market.
  • Social media platforms offer data through which you can determine people’s points of view and sentiments around different social, political, economic, sports, and other issues, or around products, companies, advertising campaigns, or otherwise.
  • The correlation between social media sites and a great number of social, economic and political interests which are provided by these sites to the governmental institutions, companies, banks, organizations and individuals in a way that enables them to create new profitable linkages.

Network Analysis

It is a technological technique using a particular program for envisioning a certain social network through identifying the relationships among clients or a group or a particular sector in order to help clients in identifying the users who affect the network or the interests and the form and type of the data spread in each circle or relationship, alongside the nature of communication among users. This type of data analysis is used in the event there is a desire to shed light on the social network as a whole in addition to its dynamic, not solely on the content for the purpose of grasping the clients’ interests.

Sentiment Analysis

We conduct an analysis of the clients’ sentiments towards social, political, legal, economic or environmental issues, moreover, their sentiments towards certain governments, organizations, products, companies, election campaigns or other matters. It is crucial for the investor to reach an understanding of the sentiments of the surrounding environment of the investment whether it comprises local residents or clients, or even the organizations’ and government sentiments towards foreign investments.

Main Center Services for Social Media

We possess the main center for social media working actively 24/7, allowing you to improve your campaign content through prompt feedback by the clients and the audience on the Internet.

  • You can assure yourself that your trademark’s channels and private messages will be offered to you instantly if it is crucial and need an immediate response.
  • In addition to your vital main performance indicators, our social media center is able to provide you with a renewable offer for every mention you get into your data set by combining qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously.
  • Determining each mention location on the actual timing on which it has been created.
  • Hiring a profiles analyst for the purpose of understanding top important clients from the largest social networks in the world.
  • Share with your audience an offer of the most important social activities during events, conventions or at the company’s office which your trademark provides

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